Thursday, June 28, 2012


“My gardens are my legacy. ...” ~ Morgan Botanicals, FB Post 6/28/2012 ~

My life is my legacy. The paths I have taken, the trials and tribulations I have prevailed over, the lessons I have learned, both hard earned and almost always too late for me to put them towards their intended use. The cherished moments with family and friends. All of these, and none of these, could be influenced by the greater of the whole, but I have never found anything more true than this: my path cannot be foreseen, my windows of opportunity do not always bring forth an easy road, my lessons have never come on a silver platter. The paths are full of twists and turns, the windows can always use a good cleaning, and the knowledge gained from the lessons never materialize until I crawl to them, on bloodied hands and knees asking them to forgive me for my naiveté.

My survival is my legacy. I jump around the obstacles in my path. I go over the tried hills and run down the valleys of tribulations. I have learned too many lessons to count. I have honored my time with family and friends. I wreak havoc with plans, I bring chaos to their wake, smashing along the edges of outlines and structure. The twists and turns become commonplace, the windows began to crack at my passing, and knowledge begins to bow down to me.

My wisdom is my legacy. The paths I have traveled, the obstacles I have concurred, the trials I have overcome. Lessons have been learned from all of them, the small and the large adhering to form a truth that has been had earned.  I am no longer a victim of circumstance. I will no longer cater to the whimsical notions of others. I am no longer compliant to those who appear to have power.

My life is my legacy. My survival is my legacy. My wisdom is my legacy. My life is my legacy.

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